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Like you,breakthrough alchemist and business mentor Christopher J. Stubbs has seen the word ‘Breakthrough’ defined numerous ways over the years.


And he’s asked many of the questions you’ve asked. Questions like…


– Is Breakthrough trying harder?

– Is it about doing more?

– Or is it getting the right knowledge for the right situation and being the smartest guy in the room?

–  Is breakthrough meant only for a chosen few who then rise to the top?

–  Is there a hidden path to Breakthrough and is finding it luck or is there a map?

–  And is breaking through a one and done thing?

–  Or are there many Breakthroughs over a lifetime?

–  Is Breakthrough only for the struggling or is it for the affluent as well?

After a highly dysfunctional childhood including religious fanaticism, scarcity mentality and various types of physical and mental abuse, Christopher discovered how to break through the childhood drama and clutter to find a wife and create a more than a million dollar per year business.


Yet shortly after, at age 25, having made millions of dollars, he found himself divorced and on the edge of suicide with a gun in his mouth.


It was this defining moment where Christopher began a relentless search for the keys to creating lasting breakthroughs and real life results in every area life. Breakthroughs that unlock the human potential for success not just in one area of life — in ALL areas of life.


All together Christopher invested the last two decades and more than a quarter million dollars in the search for ever more powerful breakthrough techniques, processes and tools. Techniques he’s studied and applied to coaching well over 1,000 participants one-on-one, trained over 30,000 people and conducted hundreds of breakthrough workshops through radio, TV, online and live platforms.


Fuse this extensive experience of helping others with his real-life, in-the-trenches business experience and you’ll find his approach to creating breakthroughs in any and all areas of his clients’ lives is… in a word… radical.


Christopher clarifies, and shares with listeners, that breakthrough is a mindset anyone can adopt once they’re willing to make a few simple shifts in their thinking. Breakthroughs are available to everyone, everyday. It’s not about effort, timing or luck. This breakthrough mindset is the key to how we live our lives at levels higher than most others think is reasonable or even possible.

Often referred to as the “Breakthrough Alchemist” for his ability to take a life of lead and turn into a life of gold, Christopher’s fusion of real-life stories and his ability to be in the moment in any situation connects with his audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level.


Christopher works daily with clients from the highest echelons of society including former Superbowl Champions, multi-millionaire real estate tycoons, high-powered executives and an impressive mix of mid-six figure to 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs.


He’s now chief breakthrough coach for some of the most bad-ass men on the planet as one of the original leaders of the Wake Up Warrior Movement – a movement founded on the idea that you really can HAVE IT ALL.